LoL Shield

Got a green LoL shield using part of the $80 I won from SparkFun’s Free Day (The rest was used on an Ethernet shield, a solder vacuum, another touchscreen breakout board, and breakaway female headers).

Soldering it took forever (three hours) because I am terrible at soldering. In the end, things weren’t soldered so well so some of the LEDs weren’t lighting up (two of the columns didn’t light up because of a single badly-done solder joint), so I had to do a lot of checking. I also burned out one of the LEDs; thankfully they included 8 extra LEDs, probably for such things. The solder vacuum helped a lot more than I thought it would; it’s way better than the desoldering bulb I was using.

Anyway this thing is pretty cool; I downloaded ikkei‘s version of the LoL shield library, and it seems to be a lot better with not having LEDs light up as much when they’re not supposed to be lit. I also modified the scrolling text program to make it more customizable, hopefully (the original code had hardcoded numbers inside the loops, and it wasn’t immediately clear what they were for).

  Requires LoL Shield library, at least V0.2Beta

  And the Font.cpp from on ikkei's page:

  Based on original TEXT SAMPLE CODE for LOL Shield for Arduino
  Copyright 2009/2010 Benjamin Sonntag
  (This version edited by Walfas)

#include "Charliplexing.h"
#include "Font.h"
#include "WProgram.h"

// Technically the number of columns of LEDs minus one
#define SCREEN_WIDTH 13

// Scroll delay: lower values result in faster scrolling
#define SCROLL_DELAY 80 

/* How long to wait after the last letter before
    going back to the beginning and repeating */
#define REPEAT_DELAY 500

int textLength, totalPixels;
char text[]="Aw yeah, this thing is pretty awesome!";

void setup() {
  getLength(text, &textLength, &totalPixels);

void loop() {
  int x=0;
  for(int j=SCREEN_WIDTH; j>-totalPixels-SCREEN_WIDTH; j--) {
    for(int i=0; i=SCREEN_WIDTH) 

void getLength(char* charArray, int* lengthPtr, int* pixelPtr) {
  /* Finds the length of a string in terms of characters
     and pixels and assigns them to the variable at 
     addresses lengthPtr and pixelPtr, respectively. */
  int charCount = 0, pixelCount = 0;
  char * charPtr = charArray;
  // Count chars until newline or null character reached
  while (*charPtr != '¥0' && *charPtr != '¥n') {
    /* Increment pixelCount by the number of pixels 
       the current character takes up horizontally. */
    pixelCount += Font::Draw(*charPtr,-SCREEN_WIDTH,0);

  *pixelPtr = pixelCount;
  *lengthPtr = charCount;

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