DLD final project

Final project for digital logic design. I designed a rhythm game where a bunch of lights “scroll down” and you have to press a few push-buttons according to which lights are on at the bottom.

It used a bunch of different colored LEDs, four 8-bit shift registers (one for each column of colors), four 8:1 multiplexers, a 555 timer, a counter, a NOR gate latch, a few 7-segment displays (with drivers) to display the score and time, a whole lot of logic gates to make up the pattern, and probably lots of other stuff I’m forgetting. I had to use a lot of 1-ohm resistors because throughout the semester there was a thing about not having wires crossing, which was pretty difficult to do for this, so I just used resistors if I needed to cross over a wire. Most other groups didn’t bother with the “don’t cross wires” rule for their final projects, actually.

Here’s a Tumblr post about finals week for that semester, and the last part has some things about what other groups did for their projects.